In classic Python fashion, the five surviving members of the legendary comedy group came together to announce the details on the upcoming reunion show.

Hosted by Warwick Davis (Willow, Star Wars, Spamalot), the press conference was as light-hearted as you would expect as all five jokers came out and began talking at the same time and then moving on to an obligatory Warwick is short visual gag. It featured constant jokes and one-liners about their advanced age, a fly-by joke about the flamboyant mayor of London, Boris Johnson and then a Q & A from the audience. Warwick got it off to a rousing start by asking which of the members would be playing Carol Cleveland, which prompted the cast to point Carol out in the front row.

The show is set for July 1st at the O2 in London, with tickets going on sale Monday at the Python website.  The prices will be $44-$153, which Palin explained was "only 300 pounds cheaper than the Rolling Stones".

The website is even getting in on the act, with a hilarious Terry Gilliam illustration featuring the classic foot gag in a graveyard, with the sub-title "One Down, Five To Go", obviously making a tongue-in-cheek reference to the death of Graham Chapman and the rest of the troupe having one foot in the grave. Because Monty Python.

You can watch the entire conference below.