The Hangover star stunned us for a third time with his dry wit last Saturday night on SNL. From droll jokes and piano playing during the monologue to Racist Jim the M&M mascot, Zach always seems to go to the edge of comedy and leave us hanging there for effect. As we all know, much of what Zach and other hosts do on SNL is just reading cue cards, but when a comedian gets on, they often continue beyond the script to ad-lib during the show. But there's a danger when you let loose a comedian like Galafiniakis, as there are sure to be overages in time, and the rumor is that's exactly what happened last Saturday night.

In an effort to save time, a skit that was done in dress rehearsal got cut from the show at the last minute. It's skit that Bill Hader has been trying to get on-air for quite some time, as revealed in an interview with Splitsider;

So there's another sketch called "Knish" that we did with Steve Buscemi. A cop show called "Knish." And that was inspired by something that Paul Rudd's son said to me. Where he said "open book knish." He just said this term "open book knish" and I laughed really hard. So we wrote a 70s cop show, and I played Judd Hirsch. And I'd say "Greetings and salutations Knish…"

For whatever reason it got cut from the broadcast, it doesn't matter anymore, because thanks to the clever dogs that run SNL, it's been dropped on HULU for all to see.