My how time flies, well it's official Lent is Here. The question is what do you give up for Lent?

There will be a lot of eat being consumed, right?

this website titled OpenBible has been tracking approximately 100,000 tweets over the past week, where people have discussed what they are giving up for Lent.

Are you in the top ten of things to give up?

  • School, really? how does one give up school?
  • social networking, I'll believe that when I see it
  • fast food
  • swearing (good luck with that)
  • soda
  • alcohol
  • chocolate
  • candy
  • TV
  • porn

Others I found humorous were:

  •  People giving up Lent itself
  •  sex
  • marijuana
  •  Netflix
  •  virginity
  •  selfies

I wish you all the best, it's similar to New Years Resolutions. Do you stick with those?