Paul McCartney performed as a part of the Opening Ceremonies Friday night. Here's what he had to say about it. What I'm wondering is what you thought about it. 

Following the completion of the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night, Paul McCartney took to his Twitter page to say that it was, "terrific, great, really cool." Paul called it, "a trip and very exciting." Overall, he thought that the Ceremony as a whole was "great", but I was bored.

The hype surrounding it made it sound like it was going to be more thrilling than Beijing four years ago, but it was quite yawn inducing for me. I was excited to see the parade of nations, Paul and to see the cauldron lit, but they could have skipped everything beforehand. My specialty is not trying to figure out the history of Britain through interpretive dance.

My parents walked in the door on Friday night and my Mom asked, "Who's butchering Hey Jude?" When the answer was Paul McCartney, she didn't believe me and came to see for herself. The one good thing about Paul's performance was that it was live. Paul said that he was kicking around the idea of doing a prerecorded version of the song, but he nixed the idea and went with real, actual, live instrument playing and singing.

So, what did you think of his performance? Did you watch the Opening Cerem0ny? Do you watch the Olympics?

The Who is set to play the Closing Ceremony on August 12.