Were discussing this today on the Morning Sideshow, and when you first think about your answer, you might be mortified. But don't worry, we're all in this one together.

Reddit.com posed the question to their readers, and some of the answers below are pretty funny (and awkward). Add your response below in the 'comments' section.

  • "My mom kept survey cards next to the toilet.  Times were tough and if we filled out surveys about the kind of bowel movements we had, the paper company would send us free toilet paper."
  • "We had a cake with candles and sang 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus every Christmas."
  • "I was taught to blow my nose directly into the sink, no tissue or anything."
  • "Every Memorial Day we would have a big family picnic at the cemetery."
  • "My mom taught me to eat Cheetos with a fork."
  • "Being naked around each other.  I thought it was completely normal."

Ok, your turn. Time to share.