Vincent Furnier loves it. Alice Cooper hates it. Here's a hint: It's green, it's quiet and there's no blood. 

The answer? Golf.

Alice Cooper, the hard rocking alter ego of Vincent Furnier, the Detroit-born pastor's son explains to Bang Showbiz that Alice Cooper the character has no interest in golf. He says that off stage, as Vincent Furnier, he loves the sport, but his on stage persona would have nothing to do with it.

He says that his fans would probably love to see Alice Cooper in full makeup hitting the links with snakes and chickens, but it's not going to happen, nor would he ever do an instructional golf DVD for that reason.

Cooper adds that at age 63, living the rock and roll lifestyle takes its toll on a person and that separating his music from his personal life has probably extended his career a bit.

Up next for the Arizona resident and rock legend is a limited edition boxed set called "Old School '64-'74". It will retail for $260. You can pre-order here.