Eddie Van Halen recently confessed his wishes for the band to USA Today and it sounds like he wishes Van Halen were more like The Partridge Family.

Van Halen has had a little bit of a revolving door line up, but Eddie and Alex have remained the constant ingredients in the VH magic and now Eddie says he thinks the band would be better if it were ALL Van Halens. No David Lee Roth, no Sammy Hagar. All Van Halens all the time. Eddie's son Wolfgang now plays bass for the band, but none of the Van Halens are singing lead and Eddie thinks that he and his now ex-wife (an Wolfgang's mother) Valerie Bertinelli should have had another baby so that Van Halen could sing lead.

He also took the time to explain why they cut 30 dates off their tour and dropped a hint that they're going to be doing "something" in 2013 and have sent rumors flying that they're going to be playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show next year.

Stay tuned.