After all of the hoopla of the Kennedy Center Honor, doing the David Letterman show, and releasing the long awaited Celebration Day, what's Robert Plant up to?

Turns out, he's apparently a driver.

Over the weekend, singer Patty Griffin was performing at Austin's Continental Club in Texas. After about a half an hour or so of singing all by herself, she addressed the crowd. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Patty said, "Three years ago a guy with big hair and a British accent called me and said he needed help singing on their record. I followed him on the road for 18 months and after it all he said he’d be my driver." Quite an interesting introduction when you consider that after she finished, Robert Plant walked out on stage wearing a chauffeur's hat.

After removing the hat, Robert joined Patty on a new song called Ohio and a few Band of Joy tracks, but what really thrilled the crowd was the couple's reworking of some Led Zeppelin classics, including What Is and What Should Never Be, Black Dog and Goin' to California.

The show was a benefit for uninsured musicians in the Austin area. No word on if Robert will be joining her on stage for any other dates in the near future, as he said earlier this month he's planning to just "chill" for 2013.