The former drummer for Grateful Dead has a warrant out for his arrest due to an alleged assault recently. So, what happened? 

Over the weekend, a warrant was issued for the former Grateful Dead drummer's arrest and details are coming to light about what may have happened.

The man who made the accusations says that Mickey Hart was renting a tour bus from him and Mickey asked him to come on the bus so they could talk. The man then says that Mickey then asked him to go to the back of the bus. That's when he says Mickey closed off that section of the bus and allegedly got violent, pushing him, shoving him, cursing at him and throwing him to the ground then ordering him off the bus, but he says he doesn't know what he did or what happened to provoke Mickey into such a rage.

The incident apparently happened after a show in Kentucky where Mickey was playing with The Mickey Hart Band.

Mickey has denied anything happened, but a warrant has been issued for his arrest and no one seems to know where he is. If nothing happened, then shouldn't Mickey consult his attorney and turn himself in? Doesn't Mickey know that it's better to say something than keep quiet and stay in hiding? Once he's found, it won't be a nice, quiet Miranda rights reading with a polite request to "Please place your hands on top of your head". No. It's going to be a lot of yelling, swearing and physical take down.

Not like this has ever happened to me. I just watch Cops a lot.

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