My drink says I'm a hell of a nice girl and a lot of fun. Here's what your drink says about you.

You belly up to the bar and order your usual beverage. Whether it's to be refreshed, escape your problems from the day, or to just get drunk, here's what your favorite beverage says about you.

Domestic Light Beer says that you're impulsive and are a risk taker. You respect authority, accept most people and are easy to get along with. What about other beers? Well, those who drink domestic full flavored beer are sensible, grounded and practical. You're middle of the road politically and are quick to challenge authority. Craft beer drinkers or those that prefer imports are outgoing, extroverted and are more left in their politics. You're curious, open minded and interested in new or a variety of experiences.

If you drink wine it says, "I'm a mature grown up, but am also discerning, organized and professional." Wine drinkers are less likely to take risks and not that adventurous. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Chances are that wine drinkers also went to and graduated from college.

So what about "the hard stuff"? Whiskey drinkers project an image of authority. You're also discerning. If you drink blended whiskey you're likely a little older and if you drink single malt, you're even older. I associate whiskey with cowboys and there's nothing wrong with that either. Vodka drinkers enjoy being in charge, fashion and your appearance. You're opinionated but you're independent. Gin drinkers are realists, appreciate security and comfort. You're a very relationshippy person and your focus is on family and home. Those who drink rum are arsty and creative types who are quick to abandon one pursuit in favor of another and you can be impulsive. Tequila drinkers sound like the most fun. They're free spirited, unconcerned with achievement, outgoing, talkative and fun to be around.

Just remember: Those that don't drink can still be fun, outgoing and talkative.