I have never thought of St Cloud as a very dangerous place to live until recently.  it seems there has been a wave of crime blanketing the area over the past couple years, and it's getting worse.  

Just last week someone working at the Press Bar was shot during an argument with a patron outside the bar.  Read full story at WJON.com

Cordney Holmes — Stearns County Jail Photo







There was the lady abducted at McDonald's in Sartell.  Read full story at WJON.com

Sartell Police Chief Jim Hughes, Photo by WJON.com’s Ashli Gerdes








The shooting at the Sprint store in Sartell.  Read full story at WJON.com.

Demetreus McGinnis, charged with 2nd-degree murder. PHOTO: Stearns County Jail








And just the other day the Super 8 in St Cloud was robbed.  Read full story at WJON.com

Super 8 Surveillance Tape via St. Cloud Police Department








What is going on with people?  For the longest time these senseless crimes seemed to be contained the big city of St Cloud but, now this crap is spreading out into the surrounding communities.  I moved to Sartell because I wanted a good, safe place for my daughter to grow up and attend school.  Now we have to be fearful of eating out or going to a store since apparently animals work and hang out.  All i can say though is we as citizens of this state have the right to bear arms. and if enough people did I think the criminals animals would think twice.  I can recommend a great place to go if you want to take your class.