There's several to choose from, what have you found works in your favor for retirement?

Unfortunately Social Security won't be around forever and it kind of comes down to decisions decisions, what's the best way to invest your money?

Some of them can be kind of confusing making it a little difficult as the best route to take.

Mutual Funds can get you a pretty good interest rate depending how long you want to invest your money and then there's the risk of those so whether your conservative or aggressive can make a difference. You're basically playing the economy. If your in your fifties for example you might want to think about the conservative route.

I invested in a couple Annuities back in the 90's and got a pretty good interest rate so I'm definitely hanging on to those and on the plus side I can rollover other monies into those Annuities.

Feel free to take our POLL as to what you found to maybe give you retirement freedom.