Here at 103.7 The Loon, we're ready to make more dreams come true -- YOUR dream in fact! So far 18 lucky winners (all from Central Minnesota) have won the trip of their dreams from The Loon. What would be your Dream Getaway if money was no object? We start giving more trips away this Monday morning.

Listen to 103.7 The Loon for your cue-to-call that could come at anytime each weekday for your opportunity to depart to the destination of your choice.

You decide WHERE you're going; you decide WHO'S going with you; you decide WHEN you're going. I wouldn't start packing yet, but I would look to make sure I know where my suitcases are. Bursch Travel in Waite Park will help you plan all the details -- then they'll send us the bill.

Bonus! You can register for an additional 'Dream Giveaway' that we're giving away online, right HERE, right NOW.