He began his career as a sheet metal worker by day and rock star by night with the band The Detours. 

Happy 67th birthday today to Roger Daltrey!

When the group started out as The Detours, it was comprised of Roger Daltrey on lead guitar who asked school mate John Entwhistle to play bass in the group, who in turn asked Pete Townshend to also play guitar. Doug Sandom was on drums and Colin Dawson sang lead vocals. Dawson left the band, Daltrey went to lead vocal and harmonica. Townshed moved to lead guitar, Sandom also split and he was replaced by Keith Moon.

In 1964, they discovered there was another band that was performing under the name The Detours and decided to rename their group to avoid confusion. Townshed suggested "The Hair" and his roommate suggested "The Who".  Daltrey thought the name change was final, but their manager decided that The High Numbers was a better name to establish them as favorites among the mod subculture. They had one failed single as The High Numbers, and the group switched the name back to The Who.

The Who signed their first record deal in 1965, and shortly thereafter Roger was kicked out of the band for beating the crap out of Keith Moon. Daltrey was allowed back into the group a week later and was placed on probation. Not wanting to be a sheet metal worker for the rest of his life, he promised he would be good and the rest is music history.

So, today, in celebration and in honor of Roger, I will twirl my mic cord and scream as best I can. Happy birthday, ol' chum. And many more.