The husband of the alleged White House party crasher is banned from seeing Journey in concert despite the fact that he has a tour laminate. Why? Here's the scoop. 

Last week it came to light that Real Housewives of DC star Michaele Salahi was reported missing by her husband, Tareq. He feared she was abducted and in danger after a phone call from Michaele saying she was fine and was going to see her mother. Tareq did some detective work and found out she was not going to see her mother, so he thought she made the phone call under duress and called the authorities. The next day, she turned up in Tennessee at a Journey show and she announced that she and guitarist Neal Schon were something of an item and Michaele had run away with the band.

Now, TMZ is reporting that the group is banning Michaele's husband from all of their shows, despite the fact that he has a tour laminate. A poster of Tareq is being distributed to show security and they are reportedly being told not to grant him access and to hold Tareq and contact a supervisor immediately if they encounter him.

Tareq has already filed for divorce from Michaele citing "abandonment and adultery." Schon is also married. No word if they are also planning to go their separate ways.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.