Who is Queensryche? Is it Geoff Tate? Is it the remaining band members? Does this sound like Pink Floyd all over again? 

I hate it when awesome bands like Guns n' Roses, Queensryche and Pink Floyd break up. The fighting and legal wrangling over who gets to use what just irritates me and it kind of makes me like them a little less. When Queensryche announced their split this summer, I thought, "Awe. Crap. Talented musicians and a power voice belong together. This can't be happening." But it did. So, who gets the Queensryche name?

Right now, everyone gets to use it. Billboard.com says that the five members went to court again and Judge Carol Schapira told all of them to knock it off because everyone gets to use the name. She rejected the motion filed by the group against Geoff last month that asked him to stop using the Queensryche name. In the motion, the group said that Geoff had no rights to the name and by Geoff going out on tour with other musicians that weren't with the band was just going to be confusing to fans. Then they kicked him out of the clubhouse, called him a booger eater and told him to go jump in the lake. OK. I made that last part up, but come on. Not to sound like Rodney King, but can't we all just get along?

The band says that they're "disappointed" with the ruling but that they will respect the decision.

Their motion was to counter a similar motion filed by Geoff this past summer where he asked the rest of the group to stop using the Queensryche name because by them using the name without him as the singer was confusing to the fans. All of the motion filing was actually confusing to the judge and said that she's confused and it would be confusing to have two Queensryches, so everyone needs to just have a time out on the steps and then told everyone they were grounded to their rooms. OK. I made that last part up, but as confusing as legal jargon can be, if the judge is confused about this matter, how do you think the fans feel? It's all just a pile of ridiculousness and I wish they would knock it off and play nice.

If they can't play nice, there will be a final hearing in November of next year to make a final ruling.

Let's hope it doesn't take that long.