Mirror, mirror in my hand. Who's the richest in all the land? 

It's not me. That's for sure. Compared to the blokes on this list, you can file me under "Broke Ass".

Britain's Sunday Times is set to release their Richest Musicians List. It's akin to the Forbes list, only it's just British people.

No shock here, Paul McCartney came out on top with an amassed wealth of $1.05 billion dollars in U.S. money. Billion. With a "B". Crikey. The paper has been doing the list in England for 25 years and Paul McCartney has topped the list every single year since the inception of the list.

In other Paul McCartney news, the front door from his old home at 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, Liverpool recently sold for almost eight thousand U.S. dollars. It was bought by someone in Lancashire. The lucky winner will get the door to the home where Paul reportedly wrote Love Me Do, When I'm 64 and several other Beatles hits. The door for his old bedroom was auctioned off several years ago fetching around $45 hundred U.S. dollars.

Why doesn't anyone want to buy any of my old crap?