Now that that sad debacle is over, let me say I'd still get with Fergie in a heartbeat.

But it was still probably the worst halftime show since the blatantly bad lip-syncing of ZZ Top and The Blues Brothers the last time #4 won for Green Bay back in '97.

And that's saying something.

Still, I guess I could see what the SB producers were thinking: it's been enough years since Janet Jackson's sagging lack of judgement and if AC/DC has already said no thanks, we've pretty much mined the classic rock deal. So on paper. The Black Eyed Peas probably looked like a pretty sound idea.

Sound idea.


Everyone - young and old, male and female - agree that they didn't deliver. Yes, for a brief moment I thought yes! SLASH to the rescue!

But to no avail.

And this isn't at all an indictment of pop music: I think the genre is as healthy as it's been in a long, long time.

Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry - I think they're all fantastic and would've been far superior choices for the halftime bit.

After that I'd be just as happy as Springsteen getting the gig on a permanent basis.

Since that won't happen, here are my top choices for the next halftime show.

1) KID ROCK- yes, I realize a great deal of his catalog isn't necessarily family-viewer/listener friendly, but adjustments can be made and at his best - which I've witnessed more than once - he is as spectacular a live performer as they come (it gives me the shivers to imagine the entire stadium lighting up (I mean electronically!) and the place going insane when he'd close with Bawitdaba).

2) the aforementioned AC/DC. Yes, again maybe not everything they do is kid-friendly, but would, say Lady Gaga, come with any less controversy-trepidation?

Thunderstruck, Back in Black, For Those About to Rock then close it with Shook Me? Huh? Huh???

3) KC and the Sunshine Band - Go right ahead, laugh all you want. But when you're done, tell me you honestly don't believe that every ass in that stadium - not to mention in every household across America - would be up and shakin'.

4) Lady Gaga - sure, she'd make the producers all nervous, but wouldn't that be part of the intrigue and excitement?

In the end, that woman is no dummy: she'd deliver something spectacular and not sell herself out by by doing something controversial just for the sake of getting attention when the eyes of the world are on her anyway.

5) Beyonce - who would be guaranteed classy and show stopping.

6) Van Halen - Are they serious about a new album and tour? Who knows with Edward? But if they could truly deliver at the big game - Eddie Sober, DLR in fine voice, Michael Anthony on bass (now I'm really fantasizing), it has the potential to be as good a choice as any.

Bonus: Have Mr. Hagar show up halfway through (yep, fantasy).

That being said...

7) Sammy Hagar - If you've seen him, you know why he's on the list. If not, yes, the party atmosphere he conjures is a bit alcohol-inducing friendly. But trust me: it's a party no matter what. He never stops grinning or laughing onstage. Like Springsteen, he's one of the few out there who truly appear to be having more fun than the audience.

Bonus: Have Mr. Anthony on bass (take that Eddie!).

8) I suppose The Eagles could be cool enough. Take It Easy, Heartache Tonight, Life in the Fast Lane would be fun enough.

So, who did I leave off? Feel free to comment who you think would be the best for next year!