For some reason I can't get a good haircut to save my life. I'm very particular about my hair, yet people with a scissors just don't understand me!

It may be partially my fault, since I always think of it last minute, even though I know I need a haircut for weeks before I get it done. So what happens...I head to a cheap hair cut place cause I know I can get a cut for under $20 and be in and out quick.

In this case, I was pretty frustrated after waiting almost a 1/2 hour and finally getting somebody to take me to the chair 5 minutes before they close for the night. Why do I have to tell you what size clippers I usually get? It's always cut too short, and even though I tell you that, you cut it too short again. When I say "just a little off the top, and sides", that apparently means to pretty much buzz cut me.

Maybe somebody can tell me where in the St. Cloud area I can:

  1. Get my hair cut for a decent price for a guy's cut
  2. Have the ability to suggest what might look good for a cut and style.
  3. Not try to rush me out after 10 minutes of sitting down.

PS, I like scalp massages too ;)