Bill Ward has pulled out of the planned Black Sabbath reunion tour this summer and isn't saying why, but Geezer Butler thinks he knows.

While Black Sabbath isn't saying why, Geezer Butler is alleging that Bill Ward isn't participating because of money. They were reportedly in contract talks for the tour this summer and Geezer says that Bill was asking for so much money, they thought he was joking.

At a benefit concert over the weekend in Birmingham, Butler says Ward was complaining that he had to do the show for free, but he says that he respects Bill's decision to not perform and is hoping to perform again with him in the future.

Bill Ward is of course refuting Geezer's claims. On his official website, Bill says that he "clearly stated" in an earlier post that he had no problem with the benefit concert and not getting paid for the gig. He also said that he wasn't asking for "an extravagant amount" for the shows. He just wanted a "decent fee" for performing. He said he rejected the contract because  "other parts of the offer were unsatisfactory".

Their next show is Lollapalooza in Chicago August 3. Will Bill Ward be there? That remains to be seen.