Is it mostly because of the science of marketing or is Mark Zuckerberg color blind?

Actually mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, therefore; blue is the color that he sees best.

Mark says, "Blue is the richest color for me, I can see all of blue."

Colors really do effect our decisions on the items we purchase. Of the five senses we have the visual sense is the strongest one in (most) humans. You'd be surprised at the percentage of what we try out is based on color alone...90%.

Some tidbits:

  • You can recognize brand names just by there color.
  • If you took a button test based on color, could you guess which company they belong to?

Certain button colors on apps work better than others.

Certain colors do in fact trigger certain feelings in us. There is a company titled The Logo Company that has comprised great examples of colors best for companies, i.e.

  1. Black : definite, powerful, precise, direct etc...
  2. Green: natural,organic,calming, nature,education or instructional i.e.
  3. Blue: credibility, clean, medical, business like i.e.
  4. Red: energy, urgency i.e.
  5. Yellow: optimistic, grabs attention of window shoppers, youth


Colors,no doubt; play a role in what we buy, as well as; how we remember things. KISSmetrics is an analytical company that has created infographics strictly on the science of how colors effect us in the way we purchace things.

Next time you go shopping of any kind look closely at the colors and see how it makes you feel or did it work to make you buy. Look at the colors of companies, certain ones target men, certain ones target women, kids and so on.

What's your favorite color? Why is the sky blue? My favorite color is blue.

So why is Facebook blue?