Yep. There's no green Kryptonite, because the damn planet never blew up. So just how the hell is Superman supposed to stop another guy with his EXACT SAME POWERS? Outsmart a military-genius-mad-man? Not likely. Appeal to his sense of decency and ask him nicely to let the little Earth creatures live and then grab some pie from Ma Kent's window sill? Yeah. Let me know how that one works out for you.

No Green Kryptonite, no way to kill Zod or Superman. So that shoots Lex Luthor in the foot and it really screws Batman, who always carries a sliver of the stuff in his utility belt, just in case Superman decides to go all fascist on us and take over the world, because he can.

The Bat-Freak. That guy's got an answer for everything... Am I right?