nimrodI have been passing this sign for many years now.  I always wonder about the meeting, they must have had, to come up with a town name.  Nimrod?  Why would anyone name their town Nimrod?  Turns out it was named after a Biblical figure.  Not one I've heard of but I've only read the Cliff Notes.

A few tidbits about Nimrod, because you know it's bound to come up in conversation, so you can show off your Nimrod expertise.  Nimrod is located about an hour and fifteen minutes up Highway 10.  Nimrod was incorporated as a village in 1924 and a city in 1946.  It was the halfway point, for wheat traders, between Shell City and the nearest railroad town, Verndale.  Nimrod boasts a population of 69, although the latest Census says 68.  39% men and 61% women.  Nimrod's city park is named Stigman's Mound, after Dick Stigman, relief pitcher for the 1965 American League Champion, Minnesota Twins.  Stigman was born in Nimrod..  Perhaps, he's the one that got away..