The rumors have been swirling. Here's the definite answer. 

Slash is confirming that the original Guns n' Roses lineup will NOT be performing at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony next month.

Slash tells QMI Agency that he imagines they probably asked the band to play, but he knows that they are not playing. Slash also says that he isn't totally comfortable with the whole event, either but isn't sure why. He can't decide if it's such a huge honor that it hasn't "sunk in" yet, or if it's because that it's been so long since he had anything to do with the band that he just "doesn't get it". He also says he isn't a fan of formal affairs, but Slash will be in attendance and says that the groups former drummer Steven Adler, "wouldn't miss it" but isn't sure if the others will even show.

The ceremony is set to take place April 14 and highlights will be broadcast on HBO.

Meanwhile, Guns n' Roses is back on the charts. Guns n' Roses Greatest Hits album (originally released in 2004) was on sale for 25 cents at Amazon and the group saw a 572% surge in sales which was enough to land them in the number three spot on the Billboard charts.