A new Jimi Hendrix biopic in the works may not feature any actual Jimi Hendrix music. So how is this going to work?

When you think about it, it's not going to work, but they got around telling the Jimi Hendrix story by setting it in London in 1967 before his debut album was released.

Apparently the producers are going to tell the story of how Jimi was discovered and his work as a backup guitar player and not tell the story of his rise to fame, his struggle with drugs or his sad and untimely death.

The actor portraying Jimi will perform, but he'll be doing songs by other artists that were on the scene at that time including the Beatles and blues great Muddy Waters. That's because Jimi's estate is run by his sister and she keeps a very tight reign on what Jimi's music and likeness is used for and she did not give her blessing for this film.

So, would you see a Jimi Hendrix film if you knew that it wasn't going to feature any of his music or will you be boycotting this one? Personally, I won't be seeing this one. Especially when you look at the picture I used, they show a side by side image of Jimi on the left, and the actor portraying Jimi on the right. He has the face, but Jimi plays the guitar left handed, not right handed as the picture shows.

The film will apparently be called All is By My Side. There's no release date set yet, but I'm going to give this one zero Jujy Fruits.

No offense to Jujy Fruits.