103.7 The Loon and Erbert & Gerbert's present 'Loonatic Loot,' and it's your chance to win cold, hard cash just for being an official Loonatic, and listening to The Loon. If you're not a Loonatic (and we know you want to be) you can't win the money. Click HERE to register now.

Three times every weekday from September 3rd through October 31st we'll randomly draw a name from the Loonatic club database and announce it on the air. When you hear your name, you'll have five minutes to call us back and claim the loot. Every time we don't get a winner the jackpot will roll over, meaning even more money for the next lucky Loonatic!

Loonatic Loot essentials:

  1. Become an official Loonatic (if you aren't already) by registering HERE.
  2. Listen for your name by tuning in to 103.7 The Loon weekdays from 6am to 7pm.
  3. Call 320-257-1037 within five minutes of hearing your name to claim the loot.

Increase the odds of hearing your name when you're away from the radio by listening online at 1037theloon.com, or on your mobile.

Good luck and thanks for listening to The Loon!