Drama, cliques, popularity contests, romance, peer pressure; could we be talking about high school? Nope. According to a new report by Career Builder, our workplaces feature all of this and more, making today's job just like high school all over again.

Whoever told you that all that crap would go away when you became an adult apparently lied. 43% of those surveyed said their workplace has just as many cliques as high school did. There's more:

  • 25% say they have done something they didn't want to, just so they could fit in.
  • 21% have watched a TV show or movie they didn't want to so they could talk about it at work the next day.
  • 19% have made fun of a coworker.
  • 17% have pretended to like a certain food so they could go to lunch with a work clique.
  • 15% have hidden their politics to fit in.

My dog at my homework. (???) That is all.