The sport of Kings... (and by that I mean Bill King, my former cell-mate at the Clark County Detention Facility) Beer Pong, rounds up it's best and brightest for the World Championships this week at The Tropicana in Las Vegas.

Over three days, 400 teams are vying for not only $50K in cash, but a year's supply of condoms... which, being Beer Pong players, will probably last them a lot longer than the cash.

Today (Wednesday) is the final day and the 'play' begins at 4pm our time. I've never really seen the point of games of skill coupled with liquor, seems to me that the reason I'm having a belt is so I can relax. But I have to admit, this grown-up degenerate version of tiddly-winks is fun to watch.

If you so desire, you can stream it live here.