I've been to a Pink Floyd laser light show. It was insane and I could do nothing but concentrate on how cool it was, but now the world has been introduced to Pink Floyd laser light yoga. 

When I think of yoga, Pink Floyd is not the first thing that comes to mind. I think of bamboo and zen music, but apparently some yoga instructor thought this would be a good idea and, here's the weird thing - it's catching on.

Portland based yoga instructor Chris Calarco introduced it and one of the writers at Spin Magazine tried it and they say it's exactly how it sounds. It's a regular yoga class, but it's set to Pink Floyd music interspersed with laser projections of their concerts, art and scenes of nature.

Chris says on his website that, "Pink Floyd are the masters of polarity, They created terrifying and beautiful music that narrates the universal human experience. Similarly, the internal and external practices of yoga requires us to confront our deepest fears while also inspiring us toward our highest creative potential." What?

Looks like I need to get myself some tie dye yoga gear.