As consumers we always see new products hit the stores but when it comes to technology it appears we can't keep up. It's almost like back in the day the minute you lit up a cigarette they brought you your meal, today one can barely own a product of any kind and then it seems like the next day it's been downsized, well in a matter of speaking.

Well this new technology is thinner,in fact: down a mere 20 percent from it's predecessor. One positive note is that the battery weighs less so essentially the  tablet does too. Unfortunately, there are two sides to every coin, the battery will cost you almost 30 percent more.

One unique feature is that it has built in wireless charging capability, one can also transfer data in that state. The enhancements appear to be endless. Imagine this piece of technology back in the 50's, well that could be a scary thought.

Other new features of the ipad3 include:

The display is by far the highest definition ever seen on a tablet.

The new iPad features the new Apple A5X processor.

The iWork and iLife apps have been updated, same cost to purchase, but it is free to upgrade.

iPhoto is a replacement for existing photo apps. It offers new ways to edit with multi-touching, high quality effects and with great new browsing.

It is capable of HD video recording at 1080 pixels, with video stabilization, auto face detection and auto focus lock.

The new iPad has Siri voice recognition input and navigation. Supports  languages are French, German and Japanese , English (British, American & Australian).

The new iPad is 4G capable. It's all about the speed. Fast cars , fast women, and yes fact computers...

Got to love it for a mere 500-700 dollars, of course that price will depend on what and all features you want above and beyond the above mentioned. Have fun!