It's every disc jockey's nightmare. The biggest concert of the year is coming to your town and everyone wants to go. Where do YOU turn?

When Motley Crue announced that they were doing a "farewell tour" with Alice Cooper, my Twitter and Facebook exploded with the news.

While I was happy that they weren't skipping Minnesota, I was sad because I have loved Motley Crue for a very long time and didn't want to see them be "done". In fact, when the Dr. Feelgood record came out, I bought the album, wore it out and had about four different Motley Crue shirts in regular rotation in my wardrobe. If I look hard enough, they're still in a box somewhere in my house. I LOVE Motley Crue, in case you haven't been able to gather that yet, but I do not have tickets to their show November 15 at the Xcel, and here's why.

I have worked here for over four years and have gotten to do some pretty cool stuff; including being on stage and introducing Vince Neil at Halfway Jam, finally seeing Steve Miller live in concert, gifting Peter Frampton concert tickets to my mother and traveling to Jamaica for a week on the company dime. I consider myself very fortunate in that regard. That being said, all of those things I did not ask for. I was just very lucky to have these opportunities afforded to me as part of my employment, or due to the fact that I had a duty to the radio station, or because someone didn't pick up their prizes.

See, we as a radio station can secure things for shows, but they are for giveaway only to listeners and if someone found out we were hoarding all of the tickets for ourselves or just giving them away to our friends, we would get into deep, deep trouble and have these privileges taken away from us. If I do get my hands on Motley Crue tickets, it would be because I paid for them myself, not because I skimmed from the stash, so please stop calling, Facebooking, emailing and tweeting me for tickets. If you want them, do what I do and buy them yourself.