As more classic rockers head out on tour, they may do one whole album, but Yes, the pioneers that they are say that they aren't just doing one album. They're doing three. 

It was announced yesterday that the prog rock band Yes will be doing three of their albums front to back on their upcoming North American tour.

Steve Howe says that the three albums they have decided to do were "easily agreed on" because the three albums "are complete works in themselves." Alan White chimed in and said that "This is a great opportunity to show the growth of Yes in these different eras--and to relive the memories of these times." Fans should be excited as well as this is the first time the group has performed an album in its entirety live since 1973.

The three albums to be performed are The Yes Album, Close to the Edge and Going For the One. No plans for a Minnesota stop just yet. The tour begins March 1 and the dates are only booked through mid April, but things could change. Stay tuned.