How would you like to be able to drink without getting drunk? Sound to good to be true (?), well it's not.

Co-founder and Chairman of The Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch has the formula for drinking and not getting drunk.

Jim is claiming if you ingest dry yeast prior to drinking it helps you to not get drunk. Doesn't sound overly appetizing.

Jim stated in a recent interview with Esquire that you can mix the Fleischman's dry yeast with a yogurt, which you would snack on before long periods of drinking. The key is one teaspoon per beer you drink.

Yeast contains an enzyme that basically breaks up the alcohol molecules. Works similar to how the liver works. If you've got the yeast in your stomach prior to the drink, the alcohol will break down before it gets in your system.

Jim got the idea from his fermentation lab.

Keep in mind, however; that it doesn't eliminate the effects of the alcohol just mitigates it.

Yogurt and beer, yum!