It's like a tsunami of apps for everything these days as they have flooded the market, available for computers, mobile devices, iPads I mean you name it. Got to love those Apps from the edge.

Pickup lines, YouTube

There are Apps that lay to claim making you a better girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife and yes lover.

Let's surf our smartphones and have some fun :

  • Pick-up lines for Apps - Pretty much self-explanatory (I hope)
  • Proposal Pro - If you're lost on what to say or how to say it when it comes to proposing, this App will help provide suggestions on asking the parent's permission.
  • Bad Date Rescue - Some of us have had horrible dates and need to bail, well this App may come in handy if you're on the market. This App will pretend you have an emergency call in the middle of your date from hell. also will give you other excuses for you so you can get up and leave. Love that one, for I have been on a few of those dates.
  • Tingle - A great App to either text or sext of all things strangers yet it doesn't let them see your phone number.

I attached a 'Hot Babe Detector App' ( I believe it's only available for iPhone) video that will give you the scoop on starting conversations and detecting whether she's hot or not through voice analysis. It's new and kind of cool. It's all about having fun, so let's dive in shall we?