It's creepy to think about, but not illegal to install cameras in public bathrooms. You may start seeing this trend happen more now.

The Hennepin County Central Library has had issues with drug dealing, vandalism, and anything else that can happen in a public bathroom. They've opted to install cameras on the ceiling to catch any action happening in the bathrooms, both men's and women's!

There is no sign to alert you that there are security cameras in the bathrooms, and unless you're looking for them, you won't likely notice them. Of the 41 public libraries in Hennepin County, this is the only one that has cameras in the bathrooms. There are laws about not posting signs in this type of case, but somehow Hennepin County can get away with it.

Source: KSTP

I completely GET why there is a need for a camera in this case, but posting a sign as you walk into the bathroom should be there. Can you imagine doing your business and happen to look up and notice a camera on the ceiling? Would you instantly feel violated? How can you be sure of the type of person watching the bathroom cameras? These are my biggest concerns.

With this public facility being allowed to do this to keep crime low, you can bet this will start happening all over, even St. Cloud - where crime, drugs, and violence is high. It's just a matter of "when" and IF they are required to post signs on the doors.