With 30 second national ad spots selling for $4 million and the very limited availability for local ads costing as much as $1 million per 30-second spot for NYC, the cost of doing a quick well produced ad to run in your market could bankrupt a small business. It doesn't get any better if you're in LA, where 30 seconds will cost you $550,000, and in Chicago the local Fox station is asking for $400,000. Dallas? They want $215,000. Remember that's just for 30 seconds.

Well, there's a lawyer in Savannah, Georgia who's created the most impressive locally produced ad I've ever seen. And he ran it during the Super Bowl... and it's 2 minutes long. Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino bought an entire local ad block on the Savannah TV station and threw down with the rest of the big boys in this epic, mind-blowing totally ass-kicking ad. Screw the tears Budweiser, Jamie's all out metal and is going for the nut shot.

Not only is the ad production top notch, the copy proves a good story can cut right through the local mumbo jumbo crap being produced by cut rate college TV graduates in tech-tarded cable TV studios.

Rock on Jamie Casino and thank you for busting the balls of commercial goodness.