The bullying has to stop, there's just no room for it today and why some think they're so much better than others is beyond me.

The setting of this article is at an elementary school in Asheville, North Carolina and the school principal has the gall to tell a student ( 9yr old Grayson Bruce) to stop wearing his "My Little Pony" backpack if he doesn't want to get bullied. Now to me he's telling me that he promotes bullying.

We should be able to wear as we choose, right? Maybe that principal should get off his duff and talk to the kids that are doing the bullying. You with me?

Grayson is getting shoved around because the bullies think his backpack is for girls but it's okay because the principal appears to let it happen.

the principal thinks the backpack is a distraction and that's what is triggering all this madness.

Now I'm with the mother, she thinks the school is dealing with the backpack and not the bullying. I can't recall Johnny Cash Getting bullied for his song, "A Boy Named Sue."

The "My Little Pony" show promotes things like friendship, the show doesn't contain bad words or violence.

Maybe we should all take a tip from that show. Shame on the principal!!