Honestly bats are to put it simply just plain gross. Ever had to vacate your home because of the critters? One woman did.On the Morning Sideshow Jesse mentioned he's had issues with bats in the past. I never have had the pleasure, however; a friend of mine's mom had problems in her house in New Ulm, Mn.

This story is about Kiara Keasely who had to vacate her home because the bats decided to move in on her turf. There was also a bat colony on the outside of her house too.

Exterminator's were called and removed at least 200 bats from the home, to be released in the woods and gave them a stern talking too. The state mandates the "no killing of bats."

The landlord has taken measures to caulk the whole building as a precaution from further problems.

If you have a problem with bats in your home make sure when you go to the hardware store to pick up some caulk and maybe a flame thrower.