I'm thinking you either need to be really thirsty or pretty tipsy to enjoy this oh so delicious (?) bull testicle beer now being sold nationwide for a limited time.

Seems Colorado is the place for new beginnings,i.e., legalizing pot, now The Wynkoop Brewing Company is brewing a limited edition bull testicle beer to be sold nationwide.

A pretty ballsy move but according to Fox News it will be called Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. "Can't wait!"

The stout will be organic (duh) yet made of the finest Colorado malts, hops, Rocky Mountain water and yes the finest bull testicles from "free range" Colorado cattle.

The Wynkoop Brewing Company states, "the recipe yields a creamy stout that delivers loads of flavors like roasted barley, coffee, chocolate, and nuts.

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is available this month in two-packs and be bought through beerjobber.com.

Anyone for a re-fill ?