It's that time of year again where we get "panic" weather reports. Mother Nature is one thing we have absolutely zero control over. So, we pretty much just have to sit back and take whatever she chooses to throw at us.

Being a sometime a conspiracy guy, I wonder if grocery stores bribe meteorologists to forecast gloom and doom just to get people loading up on survival supplies at their stores. Highly unlikely, but you gotta wonder why they try to instill panic every time some snow might be on the way.


Personally, I can take the cold. Not like I used to, mind you. I lived away from the cold for quite a few years and I don't think you really ever get fully used to it again. Snow, I don't really mind either. Now, icy roads!  Yeah, they suck. I travel home most weekends and my stress level rises with "wintery mix" forecasts.

My point is, it doesn't have to sound like Armageddon is coming every time it might snow, that's all. BTW, Mother Nature, it's way to early be thinking about anything crazy, okay?

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