Did you know that the common loon is the Minnesota State Bird? WELL, DUH! Only the best bird ever!

How many of these facts did you know about loons?

  1. Minnesota has approx. 12,000 common loons in the summer.
  2. Their wingspans are up to five feet and body lengths up to three feet.
  3. Although clumsy on land, they are high-speed flyers and excellent underwater swimmers.
  4. They will dive to depths of 90 feet in pursuit of fish.
  5. Loons make four different sounds - the tremolo, the yodel, the wail, and the hoot. Each of these calls communicates a distinct message.
  6. The common loon can live up to 30 years in the wild.
  7. There are multiple different kinds of loons besides the common loon, including the Arctic loon, Pacific loon, the red-necked grebe, the red-throated loon and the yellow-billed loon.
  8. Even though this could be superstition, people have noticed how hard it is to catch a fish while fishing when a loon is in the same waters.
  9. They have great taste in classic rock music.
  10. They love to drink beer on Free Beer Fridays.

Well, there you have it folks. 10 reasons why Minnesota chose the best bird as our State Bird. Way to go, common loon! Now, is it Free Beer Friday yet?

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