I may just be one of the biggest bitchers about winter. It sucks, in my view but I realize many people enjoy a variety of winter activities, so I am attempting to put myself in that frame of mind.


Be advised, it will probably only be temporary.

  • This is the obvious one but NO bugs. In the summer months bugs, mostly mosquitoes account for the majority of my cursing. Winter, no bugs!
  • You can fish in the middle of a lake without the expense of owning and maintaining a boat.
  • This is just one of my theories. We may be semi "freeze dried" for a few months allowing us to age a bit slower.
  • We can pack on a few pounds and cover it with layers of clothing.
  • No yardwork.  Maybe an occasional cleaning of the driveway but no mowing, trimming and all that other fun stuff.
  • Being stuck working indoors isn't as torturous as watching a beautiful summer day out your window at work.
  • Winter doesn't last forever.....so far
  • If you absolutely can't stand winter and need a break, we have these handy places called airports.
  • I rarely have the urge to take an impromptu jog. Not that I do in the Spring, Summer, or Fall but I'm struggling to find 10 good things.
  • And finally,  It's much easier and less smelly to gather up the dog's butt nuggets when they are frozen. 
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