Every day on 1037theloon.com there is a brand new Babe of the Day just waiting for you. We're all busy but checking out the Babe of the Day every day has multiple benefits.

1. If no one checks her out, it's going to most definitely hurt her feelings.

2. Think of it as daily "equipment" check.

3.If you are going to look at women you can't ever have, you may as well look at the best.

4. Science has proven that looking at beautiful women has many health benefits, unless your wife catches you.

5.  Cuts down on your gawking at strange women at the mall.

6. A good test to see if your Cialis has kicked in yet.

7.Anything that makes you smile can't be bad for you.

8. Get some great fashion ideas for your next cross dressing weekend.

9. There is an ever so slight chance you might know her.

10. It's absolutely FREE!

So, don't delay and start your Babe of the Day regiment today. You'll be glad you did.

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