I was born in a small town (under 10,000 people). I have lived in a small town (a handful of years). I could end up dying in a small town (but who knows the future).

I don't know about you, but I was singing John Mellencamp's "Small Town" in my head, writing that opening line.

I spent some of my youth on a farm in southwestern Minnesota. We raised turkeys and had about 800 acres of land for crops. We lived between two small towns, and each city had a population of about 300 people. In my teens, we would bike 6-7 miles into one of those towns just to hang out for a few hours and then bike 6-7 miles back.

I have many great memories of living there. I've "got nothing against a small town" -- to kind of quote that Mellencamp song -- but small towns are just not my cup of tea. I prefer a more populated area, but I do know what it's like to live in those small communities.

Small towns come in all shapes and sizes (see what I did there?). Some small towns are quaint, and some are ordinary. But no matter what kind of city it is, these small towns have ONE thing in common -- they are tiny.

So what are the smallest towns in Central Minnesota? And how did I decided on what "Central Minnesota" is? Well, I started in Stearns county, which is pretty much the center-ish of the state -- and our listening area. I then basically went a county out from there.

The population stats and other information came from City-Data.com. The initial population numbers are from the 2010 census, but they do have updates on some cities from 2017.

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(Source: City-Data.com and Google Maps)

10 Smallest Towns in Central Minnesota