It all started in 1976 for Ann and Nancy Wilson. It was way more than a young man's fantasy.  Two very attractive women fronting a rock band we know as Heart.It was clear that Heart was going to see the golden gate real soon and they did it right off the bat with their 1976 debut album 'Dreamboat Annie'.

Ann and Nancy Wilson -- with Heart -- have had Top 10 albums every decade since. Now that's endurance.

Their debut album 'Dreamboat Annie' (1976) is flavored with folk rock, hard rock and progressive rock.

Ann is the lead singer, songwriter and multi - instrumentalist. Nancy is also a songwriter and plays a mean guitar.

All together, the sisters have released 14 studio albums and five 'Live' albums. They're best known for "Magic Man', "Crazy On You" and "Barracuda."

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Here are the Wilson sisters and Heart performing, "Magic Man" back in 1976..