One of the first all female rock bands of the 70's, The Runaways, produced a lot of individual talent. One of those talented runaways was Joan Jett.Joan obviously went on to much bigger things when she formed the Blackhearts. Their first major album titled, 'I Love Rock-N-Roll' which came out in 1981 took off like gangbusters or an immediate success.

Joan also proved herself as an accomplished songwriter, guitarist, producer and vocalist.

The actual first album was titled, 'Joan Jett' (1980), their style of music proved to be along the lines of hard rock and punk.

Her discography which includes going solo, The Runaways and the Blackhearts produced 16 studio albums and one 'Live' album.

Joan also pursued film as an actress, a producer and a radio host.

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Here's Joan Jett and The Blackhearts performing, "I Love Rock-N-Roll". live at The Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ in 1983.