Rocker Patti Smith's nicknamed "Godmother of Punk."  In fact, the number of musicians she has influenced... well let's just say you could run the gamut from U2 to Shirley Manson of Garbage.

Her debut album titled, 'Horses' (1975), made its way to the "greatest albums" list of magazines like Time, Rolling Stone and NME.

Patti doesn't just only perform her music, she's also a social activist and a prolific author.

Patti has a very unique style -- a combination of punk and art rock. The singer-songwriter co-wrote her classic "Because The Night" with Bruce Springsteen.

She has 12 studio albums, three 'Live' albums, two EP's and one spoken word album.

She's an author, poet and social activist who has influenced Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), U2, Sonic Youth and The Smiths.

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Here's Patti Smith performing "Because The Night."  This will bring back the memories.