The LOON is pleased to support local artists performing at local venues, which why we've teamed up with our favorite pizzeria to bring you the Zaffiro's Artists Series and there's no cover charge. We'd love to see you tonight and every Thursday night from 7pm til 9:30.

If you've ever seen the band 'WHAT!' perform live, you know they have amazing accomplished musicians in their line-up. Tonight you'll have the opportunity to see Adam Herron, the lead guitarist and singer from WHAT! perform an acoustic set at Zaffiro's Pizzeria at Marcus Parkwood Cinemas . Adam is a well-known name when it comes to local music, he's performed both solo and with various bands all over St. Cloud and Central Minnesota. Adam is now working with another band named Goodnight Roxy along with Anthony Perry.

Goodnight Roxy is an original rock band based out of Saint Cloud. Members include Travis Colgrove on bass, and Anthony Perry on rhythm guitar and lead vocals along with Adam on lead guitar. They've achieved quite a bit of success in a short time, as evidenced by their opening night gig at Moondance Jam in July.

According to their Facebook page;

In 2011 the desire to start an original music project brought these artists together, with hopes of adding both Herron's and Colgrove's electric influence to the primarily acoustic songs written by Perry. The result became a progressive rock band fueled by innovation and free to create a sound entirely its own. Each member adds his own mark to the music, giving Goodnight Roxy a collective creativity that can only be described as "Rock and Roll"!



You can check out music from both Adam solo and the new project Goodnight Roxy below. You can listen to more at their SoundCloud page.

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