But what about listening to just the guitarist? The only correct answer is, "YEEEEAHHH!!!!!"

No singers, no bass players, no keyboardists (wuh?!).

The wonders of technology (specifically, multi-track recording) makes it possible to isolate a specific instrument.

It's a great way to learn the guitar part from the masters themselves.

It's also a way to better appreciate Hall of Fame talent.

Below are 12 isolated tracks. A simple Google search will find even more.




"Gimme Shelter" -- The Rolling Stones




"Behind Blue Eyes" -- The Who




"Mean Street" -- Van Halen




"La Grange" -- ZZ Top




"And Your Bird Can Sing" -- The Beatles




"Ramble On" -- Led Zeppelin




"Hotel California" -- The Eagles




"Highway Star" -- Deep Purple







"Ticket To Ride" -- The Beatles




"Whole Lotta Love" -- Led Zeppelin




"Every Breath You Take" -- The Police



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