Then Ryley Pollock actually needed his prep to save someone.  Who knew this would happen?  Good thing Ryley was kind of obsessed with paramedics, saving lives, learning how to perform CPR and may other life saving activities.

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Tom Geislinger was at an auction near Eden Valley last Fall when he collapsed.  Luckily Ryley was also at this same auction, and when Geislinger went down, Ryley was there to help until the paramedics arrived.  

All of Ryley's life he wanted to be involved in some form of first response.  His mom says he was always wanting a first aid kit.  What kid actually asks for that?  But, maybe it was fate, or intuition, or some sort of divine intervention that Ryley, who was so interested in saving lives, would be there that day...with his first aid kit and CPR knowledge.  This saved Tom Geislinger's life.  He was able to keep Tom alive long enough for the ambulance to arrive.  When you are in a rural location, even though first responders have been dispatched, it takes a bit of time before they will be able to reach your location.

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Geislinger, and his family are very grateful for this 17 year old kid who just wanted a first aid kit with him at all times.